Linen Accessories

 Product Details:

We Strive to make every one of our designs the most comfortable furniture on the market!
*  Never needs painting, staining, or sanding.
*  Does not rust, peel, splinter, stain or fade.
*  Protected from ultraviolet rays for 30 to 35 years.
 Every order is custom made, you pick the fabric from over 40 choices, then you pick the color of framing
   (white, bone or
 gray), then we build your furniture. You should be able to match almost any decor.
*  The porous structure of the cushion, stuffing and sling allow water to go right through so you avoid mold or
*  The polyester stuffing also allows the cushion to breathe so it will stay cool, and it won't stick to you on hot

 Cushions and slings are vinyl coated for long life and color retention.
*  All cushions have zippers for easy access to the polyester filling.

  Linen Rack Sizes:

  3-Shelf 25"w X 20"d X 58"h

  3-Shelf 32"w X 20"d X 58"h

  3-Shelf 45"w X 20"d X 58"h

  4-Shelf 25"w X 20"d X 76"h

  4-Shelf 32"w X 20"d X 76"h

  4-Shelf 45"w X 20"d X 76"h (shown)



   - Avaialble with or without casters

   - Casters add 4" to height.

   - White or Almond frame.

   - Choice of solid color fabric cover.