Cushions & Framing

Cushions and Slings

*  The porous structure of the cushion allows water to go through preventing 

*  The polyester stuffing also allows the cushion to breathe so that it stays 
   cool and doesn't stick on hot days.
*  Slings are double stitched for longer life and designed to give firm back 


*  Cushions and slings are vinyl-coated nylon for long life and  color retention.
*  All cushions have zippers for easy access to the polyester filling.
*  Clean cushions with mild soap and water.
*  Over 40 styles and patterns to choose from.

Custom Cushions Available (800) 657-4644


Commercial Grade Framing

*  Furniture grade PVC Pipe, 20 times stronger than plumbing pipe.
*  Never needs painting, staining or sanding.
*  Does not rust, peel, splinter, stain or fade.
*  Is not affected by chlorine or bromine.
*  Protected from ultraviolet rays for 25 or 30 years.
*  Color goes all the way through so scratches won't sho
*  Pipe can be cleaned with mild soap and water.
*  If excessively dirty clean with Soft Scrub.