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Note From The President:

Thank you for visiting our site! LYNKRIS is a manufacturer of furniture grade PVC products. Our primary business is supplying outdoor furniture, towel hampers and linen carts to commercial customers such as, water resorts, hotels, campgrounds and nursing homes. Our secondary business is providing quality patio and pool furniture for the home owner.

Commercial customers appreciate the low maintenance and durability of LYNKRIS furniture combined with our commitment to customer service. Guests and homeowners enjoy the comfort of our chairs and lounges.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality product and the best customer service in the industry.

Bruce Webster,


*  We Strive to make every one of our designs the 
   most comfortable furniture on the market!

*  It is not affected by chlorine or bromine.

*  Never needs painting, staining, or sanding.

*  Does not rust, peel, splinter, stain or fade.

*  Protected from ultraviolet rays for 30 to 35 years.

* Our furniture is designed specifically for Resorts, 
   Motels and Waterparks,and is backed by a 
   10 Year Warranty, the longest in the industry. 
   Many of our customers have had our product in 
   a commercial setting for 15 years or more.

*  The porous structure of the cushion, stuffing and 
   sling allow water to go right through so you avoid 
   mold or mildew problems.

* The polyester stuffing also allows the cushion to 
   breathe so it will stay cool, and it won't stick to you 
   on hot days.

*  Cushions and slings are vinyl coated for long life and
   color retention.

*  All cushions have zippers for easy access to the
   polyester filling

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